Best way to securely access your money while visiting Turkey

29 December 2016

When visiting a place for the first time, especially if on a tour, one of the most prominent worries of the average person is how to access funds. It is important to plan this ahead of your arrival to avoid getting stranded. When visiting Turkey it is important to research on the ways to access your funds as a foreigner. Do you take cash with you or rely on your debit and credit cards? We would examine two ways to access your money; cash and bank.
Accessing your cash in Turkey
If you decide to carry cash, you would need to plan more safe keeping techniques, as foreigners are usually victims of theft, largely due to their consistent ability to standout.
The first plan however is how to make your money difficult to access. Once this is achieved the thieves would be deterred. However when it is time to pay for something, you would want to be able to access it without taking off your clothes or playing hide-and-seek with you bag’s secret pockets. Here are 4 ways to carry your money while in Turkey.
1. Use an anti-robbery bag: some bags are tougher than others and have been designed specifically for travelling. Nowadays we hear of bags that are cut proof, having slashed proof fabric, locking zippers, and shoulder straps that are reinforced with steel. Features like these would deter even the most desperate thief, because access to the content off your bag would be highly difficult. Invest in these kinds of bags and save yourself a lot of headache. They are readily available on travel retailers online such as Magellan’s, travel on E.T.C
2. Separate your money into different places: this is the best way to insure yourself. Once you have all your money in one place, it wouldn’t take long before a thief empties it all. It is always best to divide your money into various spots. Put some in your cloth pocket, wallet, and bag. Just in case you lose your bag, you can always have enough money to get you to your hotel or the police station.
3. Always keep small bills within reach: ensure to always have small bills close by, to avoid bringing out a large bill, just to make payment for something that could have been taken care of by small bills, this already exposes you to thievery. Daily, before you leave your hotel room, make it a routine to arrange your money and keep small bills close. This would enable you pay for little fees such as coffee, tour guides, meals, especially in crowded places, without rummaging through your bag, and attracting prying eyes.
4. Reduce the contents of your wallet: maybe you are the kind that keeps all the kinds of cards you own in your wallet, medical card, ID card, library card, ATM card, E.T.C take out these excesses when in foreign lands like Turkey. You can keep only your ID card. Avoid making your wallet bulge out such that observers imagine that you have lots of money, whereas it is just a couple of bills amidst useless cards.

Accessing money from your bank account in Turkey
There are 2 main ways you can access your money from your bank account while in Turkey. Through credit card or debit cards. There are ATM machines everywhere in cities of Turkey. You would need to select your language of choice when using the ATMs. Note the following.
1. The keypads do not usually have alphabetical keys, so if your password is in alphabets, you would have to convert them to letters. They keys are arranged thus:
1 represents no letters, 2 represents ABC, 3 represents DEF, 4 represents GHI, 5 represents JKL, 6 represents MNO, 7 represents PQRS, 8 represents TUV and 9 represents WXYZ
2. When you withdraw from a Turkish ATM, your home bank will debit a specific amount from your account as service charge. You therefore need to plan your withdrawals and withdraw the much you need at once. Do not go on withdrawing each time you need money.
3. It is important you inform your home bank that you intend visiting Turkey. This is because one of the biggest problems in Turkey is bank card fraud. The moment a transaction is noticed on your account from a foreign location, the bank might freeze your account for the safety of your money.
4. Some machines do not operate on Sundays, so you will need to withdraw the much you need before Sunday.

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