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Best way to securely access your money while visiting Turkey

29 December 2016 When visiting a place for the first time, especially if on a tour, one of the most prominent worries of the average person is how to access funds. It is important to plan this ahead of your arrival to avoid getting stranded. When visiting Turkey it is important to research on the … Read More

How the Turkish banking sector is recovering post coup

12 December 2016 A Coup d’état was attempted on 15 July 2016 against state establishments in turkey. It was carried out by a gang of the Turkish armed forces who attempted to seize control of various important places in turkey, including its capital city. They failed, when members of the loyal forces defeated them. During … Read More

Choosing a Credit Card and Opening a Bank Account with HSBC Turkey

To open an account in HSBC bank Turkey, one requires to first choose the type of account one wishes to open. The available account options are: Modern Account, Electronic-Deposit Account, Telephone Deposit Account ,Gold Account, Demand Deposit Account, Time Deposit Account, HSBC Active Account, Fund deposit Account.

How to Open an Account and Choose a Credit Card at Halkbank

Historically, the opening of a bank account was rated on the same level as going for a job interview or buying a house. The paperwork involved seemed to go on forever and each client had a file of forms the size of a telephone book just to get the account started.

HSBC Bank in Turkey: Online Banking Services

HSBC Bank entered the Turkish market in 1990. With 331 branches and over 3 million customers, HSBC’s Turkish branch strives to provide advanced technology and services along with security that will customers keep satisfied and returning to their bank. The bank provides internet and mobile banking services that makes banking for local and international customers … Read More

How to Open an Account and Choose a Credit Card at Finansbank in Turkey

For those who remember the days where going to the bank involved a whole-day affair, the improved ease of banking will be a refreshing for even the most discerning customer. Finansbank offers a holistic approach, which is required to ensure that all clients are given access to the products and features that are best suited … Read More

Public banking holidays in Turkey in 2015

The official national holidays in Turkey are regulated by the country’s government Act and include both religious and national holidays. Special consideration should be made as per cash transactions as all banks and most businesses are closed in all these holidays. 

The Central Bank of Turkey

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (Türkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankası) is the Turkey’s central bank, founded on 11 June 1930.