HSBC Bank in Turkey: Online Banking Services

HSBC Bank in Turkey: Online Banking ServicesHSBC Bank entered the Turkish market in 1990. With 331 branches and over 3 million customers, HSBC’s Turkish branch strives to provide advanced technology and services along with security that will customers keep satisfied and returning to their bank. The bank provides internet and mobile banking services that makes banking for local and international customers easy. 
HSBC Turkey internet banking allows customers to conduct most of their financial transactions and needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using their personal computer. For a person to have access to HSBC internet banking, they must first become a customer. Once a customer, an internet banking user code, parole (D.O.B.), and password must be obtained. (For more information about obtaining a user code and password, see below).

HSBC in Turkey provides their customers with a Secure Key or a Digital Secure Key. Both can put customers minds at ease knowing that all their personal information is protected from online fraud. As the types of online fraudulent occurrences change, so will the lengths that HSBC Turkey will take to keep their customers protected.

Creating a HSBC Turkey Internet Banking Password is Possible in Three Easy Steps:

  • HSBC Advantage Credit Card HSBC Debit Card holders can go online and use the link provided.
  • Go to any HSBC Turkey ATM and create a password using their debit or credit card.
  • Call HSBC Turkey Telephone Banking at 0850 211 0 111, enter the telephone banking password, press “4” and “4” again (a customer representative can be contacted to create a telephone banking password).

Once a customer can login to HSBC Turkey Internet Banking, the following transactions can be made:

  • Money Transfers
  • Money Orders
  • Account Information and Inquiries (Credit Card and Debit Card)
  • Create Bill Payment Inquiries or Review History
  • F/X Transactions (Buy, Sell, and Rates)
  • Cross Currency Transactions (Buy-Sell and Parity)
  • Gold (Buy, Sell, and Rates)
  • Gold Account Transactions
  • Mutual Fund and Treasury Auction Transactions
  • Stock Transactions
  • Account Security Settings

With HSBC Turkey Internet Banking, a customer’s has everything they need at their fingertips.

HSBC Turkey Mobile Banking

The bank’s Mobile Banking allows customers to access and manage your HSBC Turkey accounts using their Digital Secure Key. A customer can be anywhere in the world and can keep an eye on their accounts without using a computer or going to an HSBC Turkey branch location.

The HSBC Turkey online app can be downloaded through Google Play or the Apple App Store. The customer will need their HSBC Retail Internet Banking user code and parole (D.O.B.) in order to fully access the app. If the customer does not have a HSBC Retail Internet Banking user code, a link is provided on the HSBC Turkey online website and the user code can be obtained.

Once the mobile app is installed, a customer can complete several different transactions right from their mobile phone:

  • HSBC Account Transfers
  • HSBC Credit Card Transfers
  • EFT to an Account
  • EFT to a Credit Card

HSBC Turkey provides their customers with even more security when using their mobile app, Transaction Signing. Transaction Signing is an additional step that verifies transaction credentials by creating a one-time confirmation code (Digital Secure Key or Secure Key). Using Transaction Signing can prevent fraudulent transactions created by harmful software in your mobile device from occurring.

HSBC Turkey has made banking for local and international customers simple but secure. With their internet and mobile banking services, a customer can be across the world but manage all their accounts with a push of a button.

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