Public banking holidays in Turkey in 2015

Public banking holidays in Turkey in 2015The official national holidays in Turkey are regulated by the country’s government Act and include both religious and national holidays. Special consideration should be made as per cash transactions as all banks and most businesses are closed in all these holidays. 

Below is the list of public national holidays of banks in Turkey, officially announced by the Turkish government for the year 2015.

January 1 (Thursday):

National holiday. Day one of the Gregorian calender. Known locally as the Yilbasi.

April 23 (Thursday):

National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. It is known by the locals as the Ulusal Egemenlik ve Cocuk Bayram. It involves commemorating of the opening The Parliament building in Ankara in the year 1920 which was dedicated to children. it is a national holiday.

May 1 (Friday):

Labor and Solidarity Day. National workers day. Known locally as the Emek ve Dayanisma Gunu. Observed

May 19 (Tuesday):

Ataturk Memorial: Marks the arrival of Ataturk in Samsun and the start of Independence War in 1919. It is a
national holiday. It is dedicated to the young people

August 30 (Sunday):

Victory Day. National holiday marking the victory at the final battle of Dumlupinar and the end of
Independence War in 1922. It is dedicated to armed forces. The locals refer it as the Zafer Bayrami.

October 6 (Tuesday):

Liberation of Istanbul: A regional holiday marking freeing of Istanbul at the independence war.

October 28 (Wednesday):

Republic Day’s Eve: Locally referred to as Cumhuriyet Baryami Arifesi: Half day and one of the Turkey banking

October 29 (Thursday):

Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Baryami). Marks the declaration of Turkey as a republic in 1923. It is also on half-day
from the afternoon of its eve.

In addition to the above national holidays, the following religious holidays are observed in Turkey.

July 16 (Thursday):

Sugar Feast Eve (Ramazan Bayram Arifesi): Half day banking holiday. Banks starts operating at 13:00 hours.

17- 19 July (Friday-Sunday):

Ramazan Bayrami: A three-day festival. Marks the completion of fasting during Ramadan.

September 22 (Tuesday):

The Sacrifice Festival Eve: Half day and a banking holiday. Known locally as the Kurban Bayrami Arifesi.

23-26 September (Wednesday-Saturday):

The Sacrifice festival. Referred locally as Kurban Bayrami: It is a Four-day religious festival. Sheep are
slaughtered and meat shared with the poor.

Some festivals involving religious holidays such as The Sacrifice, Ramadan and others may be changed to
the nearest day, it is therefore worth taking into consideration such issues. It is also important to note some
seasonal holidays observed in Turkey such as solstices in December and June and equinoxes in March and

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